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Review: Staedtler My First Norica Jumbo Triangular HB Pencil

The name of this pencil is a mouthful. This is a jumbo triangular pencil, if you’ve used other large diameter pencils, you’ll like this one. This is a full jumbo, but triangular. It’s fat in hand. I sharpened mine with the Dahle 133, which puts a vampire staking point onto any jumbo pencil. The MFN didn’t disappoint what a lovely point. It sharpens well with the Dahle but also the small hand sharpener, just not to the vampire killing point.

The finish on the MFN is average but glossy and blue. The same shade as the not-US version of the standard Norica. Inside is the 2014 Norica core. It’s thick, smooth and dark, everything we loved about the early days of the Norica. It holds a point for a long time and looks great on every paper I’ve put it on.

Overall this is a lovely, if hard to find pencil. I cannot find them on Amazon or from a reputable dealer online. I purchased mine at Bob Slate in Cambridge, MA so if you are looking for them they are 95¢in their loose pencil display.

If you find a good online source for these pencils, post it in the comments!

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