Traveling with your Art Journal: 2 Videos

I've been working on my travel journal for my upcoming (no fun) trip to Maine. I'll be up there for almost 2 weeks. I don't usually take my acrylic paints with me and I know that I'm not going to have the time I often have to work on the pages with watercolors. I like to work on colored pages so I've gone through and I've collaged into the journal random images from Mother Earth News, Wine Enthusiast and some collage papers. I've gesso'd the pages then used thin acrylics to color each page. After that Iused watered down acrylics in 3 colors to tone down and grunge up the pages. I'll be doing a whole video on that soon.

Anyway, here are the videos!

When I finish filling this journal I'll be doing an art journal flip video. I may try to do some process videos too. I'll have my cameras with me when I'm traveling, so we'll see.

  • The videos were great…glad to see that I’m not the only one who drops my tools in the paint…lol Can’t wait to see what you do on your trip…have fun in Maine…dress warm:}

  • Im really glad I muted that section out, you should have heard the cursing!

  • Hey these video’s were great. I have to travel for my job during the week and have been wanting to put together a travel journal bag. Thanx again, Sharon. PS: Have a good trip, stay safe.

  • Im glad you found it useful! Do a whats in my bag picture and post it up to Flickr! Id love to see what you decide should go in your bag!