Wordy Wednesday: Cult of Tutu

I followed a link to an art journaling blog where I saw yet another female artist in a tutu. Afterward I tweeted the statement, “To be a mixed media artist do you need to wear a tutu? Or even like them? NO!”

To be blunt, I don’t get tutus. They are made out of plastic scratchy material, the same stuff the exfoliating bath poofs are made of and I can’t imagine they are comfortable.

I’m not saying I’m down on it, I just don’t get it.

Ink mix0043

What I wear doesn’t define me as an artist. My clothing isn’t a statement. I’d rather my art make the statement. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind woman; I like cotton, wool and other natural materials. I look for comfort while I create. I don’t need something outward to help me find my inner creativity. I know that some people enjoy costumes*and perhaps that is what the tutu is about. Using costume to find that inner well of creativity, capturing lost childhood insight, or perhaps these ladies really enjoy wearing a tutu. It is not my place to yuck your yum, but I can say that I don’t get it

I also have to wonder, other than Salvador Dali, would you see a male artist wearing something like a tutu? In part I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the idea that female artists have to dress up and play a part to sell their art. Peddle their wares like a carnie, “Win your lady a stuffed teddy bear here!” “Strong man competition, ring the bell, win a prize.” “Hooooot sausage and peppers, fried dough, cold lemonade”

Tutus and tiaras, 2 things you’ll never catch me wearing.


*Like my friend who enjoys wearing 40’s era clothing.

Image is done in ink with waterbrush and more ink layered ove rthe top of it. I used Herbin 1670 for the red, private reserve electric DC blue for the blue, and the blue layers on top is noodler's Baystate Blue.

  • I LOVE that phrase “it’s not my place to yuck your yum”, have never come across that before 🙂
    As for tutus – I can’t really imagine myself in one either, I’m more with the jeans and tees like yourself – but they do look kind of fun! So more power to the ladies having a little bit of fun with their frills, I’m all for anything that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step

  • The only time I ever wore a tutu was during carnaval, and everyone was dressing up. Other than that; no way!
    While arting I can’t worry about getting paints on my clothes (or bedsheets, as it were), why would I want to dress up in a tutu or anything else that would be considered ‘girlie’ that I have to be careful not to get drenched in paint? I’m too messy for anything like that!

  • @Sarah I picked that up on an alternative lifestyles site years ago… When I was much younger…

  • @eve Im not a big fan of costume, I was as a kid but once I got a bit older, I wasnt into it. I hate uniforms… I have specific art clothing I wear if I think Im going to get painty or inky but thats it.