Back in Black

Whew! Today is my first sort of day off from the day job in over 7 days. Crazy!

So I’m rested and ready to go in the studio. I’m working on a larger size journal and thinking about how it will work in terms of the spine. I know from my own experience that I need to reinforce the spine with stiff paper. If I don’t it won’t stay straight. The journal that I made with very heavy paper and very heavy leather warped all over. I also did 12 signatures of heavy paper. I plan on reinforcing this spine with tyvek and heavy stiff paper. I’m thinking of picking up some canson in black.

I’m pretty excited that Strathmore has come out with a black archival paper. I’m not sure if it’s lightfast, but it’s heavy and feel like the drawing paper but heavier.

As a test for this larger sized sketchbook I’m making a book the same size but with fewer signatures. I’ve cut the paper and the cover now I just have to reinforce the spine and back it. Having not been in the studio for a week I realize I’ve run out of glue. Sadly I’ll have to leave the house again.

I may offer this one for sale, but I really would like to keep one of these journals. I’ve been reading the Artist’s Journals community again and well, it has my creative juices going and really, it’s something I’ve not done for awhile, so perhaps a beautifully bound journal is what I need to start creative journaling again.