Finished today

The accounting things I had to do today took much less time than I had expected. I’m finished in record time. Though I suppose it doesn’t matter as much as it could because I remembered that some of the files I had lost were in fact backed up online. All I really had to do was download and re-enter the information into the spreadsheets. Not bad.

So I managed to get all that done as well as verify some finishing touches for 2 custom orders. One of the journals is a very rough journal, the sort I really love to make. The details are all left up to me and a general idea of what the client wants as well as a little personal information about the person it’s being gifted to. I find that sometimes that’s the best thing I need when making a journal, just a little background. I don’t need a lot of information just a touch.

I’ve printed up the lined pages for both the journals. It’s strange for me to be including lines; most of my clients have been artists or art journalers, not poets or writers. It’s been a pretty easy thing to do. In the past I used PageMaker or lotus, but I’ve found that word does it just fine. The other thing that is working better is the printer, I think that my old computers just didn’t have enough oomph to drive this printer, because now it’s printing out 20 and 50 sheets at a time with no problems, unlike in the past when I would have to print out 5 sheets at a go because it would stop working and the computer would think for a half hour, it just works so much better.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to finish most of one of the custom journals, I’m not sure I’m going o go with a more historically accurate sewing or one that I like the best. We’ll see.