I have figured out how to make lines on a page. I’ve done it before but it wasn’t this easy. I had PageMaker ready to use and looked at it and realized I really didn’t want to use it for any amount of time tonight, so I pulled out my trusty Word and figured out how to do it the quick and dirty way. I must say that while lines aren’t my thing, they came out pretty damn well. I’m pretty happy with them. The proportions per page are good and they have just enough weight and distance that they look easy for writing.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take it to a Copy center to have it printed or if I want to print it here. I think that I don’t want to pay the extra cash for printing, so I’ll print it here. I have plenty of toner in the laser printer and plenty of paper. I’m rather looking forward to making this journal.

I went with a different vendor for the leather and I’m thinking she’s going to take along time on the shipping. I’m not happy about it as I paid top price for the leather and an exorbitant amount for shipping putting this hide in the top amount I’ve ever spent on a hide. Not to worry thought I’m sure that I’ll be able to sell journals in this color. Pink is after all quite popular. It would also make perfect pregnancy journals.

I need to follow up with a coworker with the journal she wanted me to make for her brother. I’m not sure what she had in mind but we’ll figure it out.

Tomorrow will be accounting day for me. I need to go through all my things, take an inventory of it all and figure out how much I’ve spent on hides, paper, and thread. I know that I’ve got a lot of stock right now- my paper rack keeps growing. I have it all strung up around the room like laundry. It’s pretty cool, or so I think.