Future plan

4 journals in one day, I’m pretty impressed with myself. Granted I had all the covers finished ahead of time and all I needed to do was cut and fold the paper and sew the covers on. I took a lot of breaks and took a decent nap. (C’mon today is one of my few days off at the day job I need to relax sometimes.)

One of the journals that I made today was a custom cover with a standard sewing, so that took more time, and I think it’s design I’ll be using in the future because it really was cool looking, very tuff.

I’ll be listing some of them on the website and some of them on eBay as time goes on.

I’ve decided that I will only be putting gone or two listings up on eBay at a time, probably one brown and one black or some combination of the two. Though I think it will always be the stock journals. I’m not sure I’m still thinking it through. My sales did get high enough that I was actually getting paid for my time not just the materials.

Tuesday is going to be my day for accounting type things. When my hard drive failed I lost all my information- all the spreadsheets I had made and all the information I needed for my money information. So I have to redo all those and I’m going to back it up to my thumb drive and perhaps my palm pilot. Trying to figure out everything again is going to be a huge pain in the butt, and I would rather spend my time working on journals rather than figuring out my money situation.