General Maintenance

I managed to get many things finished this morning. I had my business stationary printed and I was going to get the cards printed but they didn’t have the color paper I wanted. In fact the color I wanted my stationary printed on was no longer available. I had it printed on a mottled dark ivory color, which was almost close enough. They had no card stock so I headed to several stores to find the color I wanted. No one had it. So I went to Michaels and found only 3 sheets in a similar color. So I bought a couple of sheets in a color that can only be described as coffee colored. After I had printed out the kraft and coffee color, I liked the coffee color better.

I printed the cards cut 3 of 4 edges and hand tore the other edge, so it has what looks like a deckled edge. The cards are pretty basic but enjoyable. As for the stationary, there isn’t anything special about it, same information as the cards, just on a full sheet.

Instead of going to have the stationary printed I’m going to see if I can find a ream of kraft colored paper, or kraft sheets and just print it off myself.