Random Studio Stuff

Not exactly bookbinding related but, it’ related to eBay sales and all that fun stuff. I managed to snag a ton of little sheets of bubble wrap from work. Not to worry, I’m re-using not stealing. They came on these cute little vases I ordered for the store. I had saved a few of them before and they were the perfect size for wrapping books for shipping. So I saved ALL 24 sheets this time. I don’t’ know where I’m going to store them, but I’ll store them somewhere. Shipping supplies are always good to have on had. Speaking of that, I need to pick up 2 sizes of Ziploc Baggies and envelopes. I’ve been using the giant manila envelopes my Mom gave me- she gave me a dozen or so of these giant 10 by 14 inch envelopes. When I ran out of the “normal” size I started to use them, thinking I’d only use one or two. Yeah right! I’ve used most of them. I have 2 left. I’ve done a lot of shipping in the last 2 weeks.

I’ve cut and folded all the paper for the large size sketchbook I’m making. Today I’m going to cut the leather to size and get it ready for backing. I haven’t heard from the lady who is purchasing the book so I don’t know what style of inside she would like. I wanted to have most of the book done today so that I could ship by Tuesday. I feel like this project has taken too long. I like to have a turn around that is a little speedier. I like to get all the discussion and design work done in week one and week 2 should be spent making the book and sourcing materials. This project has taken closer to 3 weeks and I want to get it done.

I’d like to make a form so that people can fill it out and really let me know what kind of journal they like, but it seems so impersonal. I like the personalized emails or phone conversations that get the heart of what someone wants. They let the person interested know I’m a real person and I think it gives people a little more value in the finished book. There are always those people who want something less personal but still handmade.

The other thing I need to work on is my business cards and perhaps stationary. I used to have it, and I think it would be good to print off everything on Comfortable Shoes Studio stationary and to be able to include business cards with everything. I used to do that, and it was great if people were giving the books as gifts. So I need to work on that today too. (As well as clean the house and studio- mess mess mess!)