day at a glance

That aside I feel pretty accomplished due to the large amount of work I completed. I finished, in this order:
1 custom order for 2 3-signature journals
9 covers for a 15 to 20 journal custom order, I cut and backed them, so all I have to do is figure out what sewing style I’m going to use for them and lay it out.
Cut down 2 sets of 10 signatures
Finshed 4 eBay line journals, devising a way to fix the screwed up sewing pattern I made on the last of my gold deer hide spine (I double cut the spine, laying them out twice and then cutting twice. In this rare case measuring twice before cutting didn’t work, I’d already cut them, though I didn’t know it.) What really stinks about this particular screw up is that I did it not once but twice, to both the deer covers I had left. The sewing pattern I used is a modified long stitch, continuous. It looks great, really dense along the spine, but takes a lot longer to sew.