not every day can have a gold star

Everyday can’t be a perfect day. I came home from work today and pretty much crashed all I was able to do was cook, eat and fall asleep. The fact that I’m updating is pretty motivated for me right now. That being said I did drive to ACMoore and purchase linen thread in black and white, since Joanne’s won’t special order it for me. (Don’t get me started, I go through 100 yards of this stuff in a month, I told them so and they won’t order it. I even offered to buy the WHOLE case, and still no.) I like ACMoore 100% more than the local Michaels- everything is in stock, organized and the staff helpful. That being said I was able to get my Leeho glue, 9 rolls of thread and more paper for my business cards, in 15 minutes and I was out the door.

After the drive, no wonder I was tired. Driving on RT.114 through Salem was not a bright idea at 3:30pm on a Friday. Not smart at all. After that I headed home with every intention of working. I did little work listing 3 journals on eBay and getting little else done. Pretty sad.

What is even more sad is that I don’t have another real day off this week, I work only 4 hours on Sunday, but it’s going to be a brutal 4 hours of counting. I’ll be able to get a lot done before that. Hopefully I’ll get the folding done for all the Pastor’s journals. I’m in process of ordering more leather for his journals. I’d love to find a local tannery that would let me go in and see the leather before I buy it. I love brad’s leather (from upstate NY) but I’d like to get things closer to home too. I’d of course love to get things cheaper too. I have to say though; Brad’s leather is pretty damn good.