Things have been going pretty well book wise!

I finished up the pastor’s order last night and allowed myself some extra quality time with my bed this morning- I got up at 8:30 instead of 7! The pastor’s order looks great. I must say that it as a collection is beautiful, separately it’s not as impressive but each individual books is unique and is a great example of how a running stitch can look elegant and yet be so darn simple! I’m pretty happy with the results. Hopefully the pastor likes them as much, and hopefully the kids will like them too.

I have a journal up on eBay ending today. I’m not sure how I managed to list one last Saturday, it must have been after the DayJob. It’s the golden deer hide joural with the continuous figure 8 stitch in 2 colors. It’s afat rich spine. I hope it does well, it took a lot longer to sew than most of my eBay journals!.

Here’s a link:

I’m thinking it’s a great day outside; I may head up to the Breakheart Reservation and take a little hike. I’ve got a few journals to work on and I should be near the phone incase the DayJob calls- I’m sort of on call.