Finished Watercolor journal job!

The watercolor journal below was a long time in the making. I spent I don’t know how long waiting for paper to arrive, it not arriving, putting in a new order among other things. today i had enoug o fthe waiting and drove myself to Charrette and spent way too much on paper. I lucked out and found a bunch of great paper on clearance but paid full on the Fabriano. Anyway, check out the stats on this journal:
6×5.5 inches
Fabriano Artisitco HP 140lb paper
100 pages of blissful paper (I dont like HP paper but his seems to have mroe “tooth” than others I’ve tried…)
1.5 inches thick
Premium dark mahogany distressed leather
Adhered to a printed green washi paper
The sewing:
Natural linen
eyelets at the stations
long stitch, false endbands and linking with a pattern in the center.

It’s heavy and quite nice to hold, simply a fantastic experience. I’m very happy with it.