Whooo Hoott

Its been blisteringly humid here in the fair town of Wakefield and I swear parts of my body are melting off me.

The pollen count is amazingly high as well so those of us with Tree Pollen allergies it’s been the worst of the worst. All that being said Ihave some news!

The guy who ordered 10 identical journals, lines for his grooms men backed out at the last minute. So I have 10 lined journals that I’ll be auctioning off on eBay, they’ll be up there for $24.99 each and auction stylings. I’m out $249.90. I’m pretty peeved about the whole thing and the experience (it’s the 2nd time in 2 months that this has happened!!!) has taught me several things: I need to take a deposit! So I’ve come up with what I think is a fair deposit plan:
50% up front for most custom orders, anything with lines will be 75%. The rest with shipping will be billed before shipping. I’m toying with making it policy that the refund is non-refundable but I’m not sure yet.

I’ve been pretty peeved about this and had expected everythying to go as planned. I’ve not heard from the guy since a couple of days before i finished and well, it stinks.

I’m nearly finished with 2 more custom orders and I have to pick up paper tomorrow. car issues prevented me from heading to Charrette to get materials alst week, and this weekend allergies were killing me. Let’s not talk about the day job, let’s just not!