Hedgehog/Moleskine Hack

This is a pretty simple hack but I thoguht I’d post about it anyhow.

I bought a photocorner punch a few weeks ago. I thoguth it was a corner rounder. Much to my surprise I grabbed the first hedgehog I got my hand on and it produced this:

So I shoved a business card in there. i punched a few other pages and if I fold a sheet of 8.5X11 paper just right it fits beautifully into the slot and I can carry it inside my hedgie.

While I was at work I had a messy note shoved into my pocket and I really wanted to put it into my hedgie just the way I had done with my business cards and my map (to the blick store in Boston!) but of course I didn’t have my punch with me. It got me to thinking how I could carry a punch with me but not.

Here’s my solution. I cut a corner off a priority mailer envelope, about an inch and a half on each folded edge. I then measured against it- roughly a quarter inch from each side a business card. On here I measured a series of 4 holes along the edges of my card. I punched them with my screw punch, and connected the dots on 2 sides.

What i edged up was this:

This slides over a corner and I can cut through the pattern and create a slot to hold material in my hedgie. IF I’m careful it doesn’t go through the pattern backside and into the next page of my hedgie.

It creates a straight line rather than the delicate curve of the punch but it’s quite nice and holds a decent amount.