I have decided to take my journals that are for sale off my website and move them to I decided this after realizing I haven’t made a single sale from the site in 2 years. It’s a great place to showcase my custom work and highlight what I can do in custom work, but the sales just aren’t there to support it. So what does this all mean?

Well, my etsy site is I’ll move the books that are for sale to there in the upcoming weeks. Prices will change in accordance with my new pricing structure. Meaning they’ll go up a tad. Those pages that are selling an item now will redirect people to my etsy page. I had thought of auctioning off some of the items on there but I can’t bear to think of some of them going for less than they are listed. I think that etsy is an affordable alternative to my low hit website.

Not to fear though, I plan on keeping the site up and running but it’s purpose will change. It will go from a website of art and books to one simply of books. I’ll keep a link for the art, but it won’t be highlighted the way it is now. I haven’t painted in ages and to have the paintings highlighted is simply foolhardy and wishful thinking. (I do hope that someday I spend my summers painting again.) I’ll be turning the page on journals and notebooks toa gallery of pictures and styles. I’ll be totally revamping the page into something that is hopefully a little slicker. It will mean my taking sometime to re-teach myself Dreamweaver as I seem to have lost the rudimentary skills I once possessed.

I don’t have a lot of ideas for it quite yet but it will be something that I continue to wrok on over the next few months. I expect that the move to will take some time and won’t happen for a month or so. For now I’ll focus on moving things slowly and one at a time.