Ohhhh, Paper, yeah.

I left the DayJob early due to the fact I was supposed to leave early on Monday but forgot so I had to make it up somewhere. Happily it was slow enough that I could take off 2 hours early today. I had planned on heading to AC Moore but didn’t want to drive that far out of my way so instead on a spur of the moment idea I headed south on 95 and headed to Charrette in Woburn. Here I found stacks of good stuff in clearance mainly paper. I have been buying large amounts of the clearance Strathmore charcoal paper all along but today I hit the mother load, they have put eh entire display rack on clearance. I came in when they had been pretty picked over but I still managed to find $50 in clearance paper. It is just less than 100 sheets of really nice paper. I didn’t find my usual earthy toned paper or any in cream but I did find a variety of nice warm grays. I thought about buying some pink sheets but they just weren’t in my style.

I came home and found that my leather had been delivered today and it’s much nicer than his description. It’s a beautiful deep marigold yellow orange. It’s fantastic.

I’m still looking for good oatmeal colored paper. I’m pretty sure that I like the fawn gray Stonehenge. It may require that I head deeper into Boston tomorrow than my meeting requires. It may also require that I end up hitting rush hour traffic on the way home, not something that neither my car nor I really wants.

I have a stack of hedgies ready to be covered and the 2 for my mom ready to have their elastics put in. Tonight I’m going to focus on binding up the 2 books that have been sitting on my desk waiting for a week. Being sick really threw me for a loop. I didn’t realize how disruptive it could be not only to my DayJob but also to my studio.