graduate school?

One of the items that I haven’t written about that seriously concerns the studio and it’s function as not only my space but as an entity is Grad School. My plan is to apply for next fall. What this means for my DayJob is not yet determined. I know that I can’t afford to leave and go to school full time unless I get some serious grant monies and things with the studio continue to accelerate as they have over the last 6 months. My friend pointed out to me that if I’m studying binding I can use custom orders to fulfill class work and that all class work that I create can go towards sales. While this is true to get into grad school and the school of my choice I need to seriously get going on slides. For me to get going on slides will require me to make a few books that are not for special orders and are not sold before I even make them.

However I know that the DayJob will not allow for me to go to school and work fulltime or even part-time in my current capacity so that means a pay cut at the DayJob. It may end up that they don’t even allow me to work due to “outside interests.” I’ve heard it held against people before and I’m not willing to let my “outside interests” to not become the focus of my life.

So if anyone out there knows of a place where I can score some cash for school email me through the page here, I’d really appreciate it. If anyone would really like to support my heading back to school, buy a book from, eBay or commission a custom journal.