Red and Black

This 6×9 inch journal is a custom job. I used a linking long stitch to spread the red across the spine. It’s simple and effective, I think anyway. The leather is a black sheep hide suede that I accidentally ordered, but it’s amazingly nice. The nap is unusual in that it’s very low, so it looks like a flat black hide but it’s super soft. The texture of the leather is still visible even throught eh nap. Amazing. It’s adhered to a red Lama Li that is a shade or 2 darker than the red thread I used, which is a irish linen. The paper is cream Eaton, 200 pages worth. Inside is a black leather bookmark sewn like the pages directly to the spine. I’m pretty happy with the journal and how it turned out. It might help that I did a “rough draft” and thought a lot about it. I abandoned several previous thoughts on the spine pattern and went with simple for the spine, the red and black is so elegant, that a contrived pattern would have detracted from the book.

Onto the hot pine and cover of the red and black journal: