MOre Matchbook Notebooks and a contest!

I’ve been scoring big time at work lately; a coworker has been hooking me up with the giant window posters that are a heavy duty paper coated in vinyl. ONe side is pristine white and the other has a printed image. The printed image side is the side I think that is the most intersting. My only issue with the posters is that they are covered in stupid logos. So I’m thinking of creative ways to use those but not have it look like what I’m making is a product from the company. For right now I’m simply hacking those parts off and cutting the chunks of poster that I like.

The 2 posters that I’ve got right now had large chunks of roast beef on them, since the coworker has been so cool to give me the posters I decided I was going to make him a “meat” sketch book. I cut out a prime cut of the roast beef (c’mon i had to go there.) and folded it over and wrapped it around a stack of essentially trash paper. I’ve been going through the recycle bin to snag anything with any blanks sides- misprint fliers, unused fliers and other assorted blank on one side papers. They work great for this style of notebooks/journal; because it doesn’t lay flat.

I didn’t take any shots of the books I gave my coworkers but here’s a few shots of smaller books made ofthe scraps from the meat photo. It’s the same idea.

Here’s a little contest for people:
Can anyone, who doesn’t know me in real life or work with me recognize what retail establishment employees me?

If no one answers by the time I wake up I’ll post a photo with a give away clue.

The first person to email me (not post a comment here) with the correct answer will receive a set of 3 matchbook notebooks- a combination of meat and special sign covers.