Matchbook notebooks

So these are my latest adventure in alternative bindings using unusual materials. These are all recycled- using signs from a grocery store that have been laminated, special signs, regular signs, anything that was laminated I chopped up into 3 inch by 11 inch pieces. I then used (purchased for the purpose) a large heavy duty stapler (heehheheh laughter of glee- office supplies!!!) to staple in about a hundred sheets of recycled paper.

Things I like about these- it’s a really adaptable way of making a cover. If I have scraps of drawing paper or any paper i can stack it and wrap one of these covers around it. i can hide a cardboard piece in the back making it sturdyier than one might think. It’s fast. I was able to figure this out from looking at a picture on etsy and adapt the size of my text/paper block to the size of my available cover size. I was also able to make these with a huge assortment of recycled materials. (more on that later.)