Finished Big Green 2

Well, I took the order for this ages ao and finally I was able to buckle down a DO IT!

Spec are as follows:
400 pagges of Fox River Ninja Confetti, 25% cotton and 24lb; super thick and perfect for juicy fountian pens. (GOD I LOVE THIS PAPER!!!)

Butter soft olive green sheep hide backed with a matching olive colored paper with chunks of mango leaf spotting it’s surface.

I created a sewing pattern for the spine that is related to the previous book that this client ordered. I used similar spacing but broke up some of the stitches into a set, creating a more dense weave across the spine. I think this is nice.

I used an Irish linen thread that is naturaland unbleached. I handwaxed this with just enough wax for stitching.

Enough words, lets get to what everyone is really waiting for the book pR0n!