Studio Time!

I have finished the hedgehog and pen slip order! The studio is too DAMN hot to work in right now, so I’ll be stitching in the bedroom- it’s the only room in the house with AC and with temps where they are now I need to chill in AC.

WE officially put an offer in on the house and are currently waiting to see if it’s accepted. I’m very excited and nervous about all this and can’t wait to get out of the rental trap. I’ll find out tomorrow. With all this, it means that for the months of September and October I probably won’t be working on books much. Sigh. I’ll be getting settled into a new place! Which means that this winter I’ll be going full force on books, I’ll need to so I can afford the mortgage!

I’ll be working on the next order starting tomorrow. For now here are some shots of the hedgies and the pen holders.

That brings me to another note- I’ve been calling them “PenSlips” and my brother called them “PenPockets.” Now I‘m torn as to what I should call them, I want opinions! Leave a message and let me know what you think I should call them.