back on the sauce… I’m mean bookbinding wagon!

I’m back. My ankle, now 2 months after the sprain, is much better. Because my DayJob as a florist requires me to be on my feet for 8-hour stints it’s taken much longer to heal than any other sprain I’ve ever had. It’s still stiff and sore on occasion and if I feel like my foot/ankle is getting exhausted I put on a brace.

Now as for books, I’m taking orders on a limited basis. I’ve got 2 right now and I know that’s all I can do for a while. I’m being realistic. I know that between my DayJob being a time drain and the healing of my body that I need to take it slow. I’m sure that slowly my ankle will be a-o-k again and I will be able to push myself to the outer limit of bookbinding.

In very VERY exciting news, the studio is getting a permanent home! My significant other and I are purchasing a house! It’s not a huge house; it’s enough space for us, the dog and perhaps a room to rent to a friend. (A surprisingly common practice here in the North East. Housing prices are so high that many of our friends now rent a room to another friend just to afford the house!) It’s got a nice backyard and most importantly both a garage and a basement. The basement is solid and clean, meaning I can use it as a studio in the cold months. The garage is large enough for a car and a large lawn mower, which means that I could take it over as my studio as need be. Needless to say I’m happy to be buying a house with room for me to work. When we worked out our budgets I was worried that we might go for a condo or something terribly small that would require me to put all my supplies into rolling storage and work in a dining room. It’s also in a very ne and cute little city in the north of Massachusetts called Beverly. There’s an art school in town and lots of very cute things, and fun stuff to do. I like the town a lot, it’s perfect for the two of us.

So in all this madness we’ll be moving soon. Hopefully we’ll be moving in September and have that be our last month here in the apartment. It’s not far away but long enough that the nerves of moving are making me too jittery.

This was to be a post about my being back on the bookbinding wagon, not about moving!

So I have 2 orders and they are taking me less time than I expected. I have an order for 10 lined hedgehogs with penslips. I’m done with the hedgehogs and I just have to make the slips. They are really quite time consuming but very practical.

I’ll also start putting things up on ebay and etsy as time permits. I’ll post links when I do.

I owe everyone who ordered a book an email and I’ll be working on those shortly. I’ll apologize for dropping off the face of the planet and everyone who ordered books at I was unable to complete will get an email.