I thought you were back?

“I thought the hiatus was over?”

Well, it was and then I turned around and sprained my ankle, right after my car broke down! It’s not a bad sprain enough that I have to keep it elevated and bandaged for a few ore days, as well as visit a podiatrist. I can walk on t and I’ve been on light duty at the day job. Today I’m getting in half a day until my buddy comes in to cover for me. After which point I’m heading home where I’ll rest, ice and elevate my bruised and sore ankle and foot. I must ay that this is the weirdest sprain I’ve ever had; it’s not overly swollen and not overly bruised (not like last time where I was bruised from my toes to my knee, and the whole thing was twice its normal size.) It’s just kind of stiff and sore, with occasional stabbing pains when I over do it.

Because I stand when I cut leather and paper I’m not able to do much in the studio. I also am unable to sit at my table; I can’t comfortably elevate my foot. I am able to sit on the couch with my laptop, so I’m working on the web page!!! I’m not going for drastically different, but it will be much smoother than what I have now. I’ve planned this page out much more than before. I also have a much stronger understanding of DreamWeaver and a handy dandy guide to walk me through all the steps. So now I’m not leaving a title or keywords out. So when you google my page, you may actually get one of my pages. Amazing!!! I’m hoping to get the majority of that done over the next 2 days, the images will take me longer but the main pages should be running over the next few days. I’m pretty excited, as my web page hasn’t changed in 4 years now!

I‘ve got a few books ready to sew and when I get tired of staring at the screen I’ll start working on them.