PenSlips in fabric

I need 3 volunteers to test my fabric penslips and email me reviews after a week of use. As well as any pics of wear and tear and ponts of failure. I need people who are willing to abuse them.

I switched from my leather slip to a fabric one and after a week of use and abuse I can say that they are pretty sturdy. I’ve been carying them on my volant in my back pocket and in the thigh pocket of my cargoes and they seem to work well. However I’d like to see how they respond to a week of being tossed in a bag with a pen or two shoved in them.


Since they are in testing I have only a few made. One is redfabric with purple flowers and green vine, anotehr is a magenta fabric with batik flowers (think colorful daisies). i’ll post pics so people can see them. After the trial period is over you get to keep them.

I’ve had 3 people sign up! Thanks for all the interest! I really appreciate it.