biz-nas cards

I am a moron sometimes. I have limited tie off from the DayJob these next few precious weeks. So I’m trying to structure the items t I need to do on my time off with the things I WANT to do, my trusty planner has been helpful. I’m a list-maker.

Today on my list was to make some new biz cards. I’ve been 3 or 4 cards from out for a month and a half. (Biz cards are an indispensable resource for arts and craft people. I think we should all have our own. It’s the easiest way to allow a client to recommend me to other people.)

Some how my old card template had disappeared and I was stuck making a new one this morning. Strike one- what the heck happened to my cards? Unknown. I spent a half hour remaking my cards and ended up with something that I liked and had plenty of room on it for all my info. I printed a few copies and tweaked it so it was just so. Then I proceeded to make 200 copies of my card. I hand tear the edge so it looks deckled, and then cut them.

So after about an hour and a half I was done. Or so I thought.

I reviewed my cards as I was flipping through pages on the net, and guess what, while not a typo I totally put in the wrong address for my etsy account. It was a total mind burp on my account. I know my etsy account is but my mind didn’t think that this morning. So now I have a stack of biz cards with incorrect information and a wasted 15 sheets of expensive cardstock. *&^*&^&^%^%$ I bought some new and I’m going to reprint in a few minutes.