More house/studio information

We’ll we close on the house in about 2 weeks. I’ll post more information about it as I know more. I’ll be off line f a little bit around that time too, probably 2 or 3 days. Every time we move we set things up in a certain way- electrical and other utilities get set up before we move, then the first thing we set up in the house is something to play music and something to chill drinks. That first night the first thing we set up is the bed and then we set up the internet. I’m not sure why we do things in that order, but it has almost always been the case. The music I get, we’re all into music. It makes moving so much better.

The studio is going to be an ongoing project for me. The first thing I’m going to do is get in the basement and paint. At some point, after many ebay and etsy sales I’ll need to level the floor, which I’ll do by putting in a platform with a plywood top. It’ll kick butt. I have some shelving units to put in, and I’m going to need to set up a nice spot to take pictures. I’m also going to need some decent light down there. Currently there are only 2 bar light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I’ll have to put in some other lights.

I’ll update more as time goes on.