OKay I admit , I had never used a Palomino pencil until today. I bought them becase everybody who is into pencils swears by them, lauds them and puts them on a pedestal so high I figurethey couldn’t be that bad.

I’m a convert to their HB. I haven’t tried the other grades but the HB is the smoothest pencil. I wrote a bit with it, and I didn’t break the point off, even after sharpening the pencil with the KUM long point sharpener to a fine point, I didn’t snap it off. The laquer is smooth and shiney and overall it’s an attractive pencil. It handled the kraft paper in my notebook well and has dulled slowly with my heavy handed pressure.

I give these an A+.

I’ll be offering a mix of sets at several prices. I may open some stock and offer single pencils.

Anyway here is what I want Christmas to look like: