Other than taking all the pics for website, I spent my day out of the studio. I work tomorrow and have a secret appointment that I can’t write out until tomorrow afterwards, those in the know know, those who don’t will know tomorrow.

I also designated retail prices for the pencils and sharpeners that arrived today. I’m still looking for a wholesaler/distributor for G2s, ECOwriters, Pitt Pens and a few other items (Note, if you work for a company who wholesales those items with a fairly low intial order- feel free to contact me, email is through the about me link.)

SO the price list is as follows:
Palomino 12 pack assorted Grades in Hard Clear plastic Case with an Eraser $14.99+shipping
Palomino Colored Pencils 6Pack $6.99+shipping
Palomino 6 pack Pencil grade 2B or HB $5.99+Shipping
Palomino 6 pack 3)2B and 3)HB $5.99+shipping
KUM Long Point Pencil Sharpener $6.99+Shipping
KUM 2 Hole Brass Sharpener $1.99+Shipping

Shipping will be reasonable for most of these items, they don’t weigh much and will require only a little bubble wrap. Probably $2 for most and obviously more for the 12 pack in hard plastic. Obviouly rush shipping will be more…

I’ll have these up on the website but if anyone is interested earlier feel free to drop me an email about what you’re interested in. I accept paypal.