dreaming weaver

Last night I hit a milestone for use of dreamweaver, I made it do what I had in my head as a design. My hurried sketches and notes in my moleskine for the first time became a reality on my screen. It was combination of things, realizing I don’t HAVE to have full images of everything in my inventory, that thumbnails are a beautiful thing, and the culmination of reading the Dreamweaver book a year ago, and finding the menu with all the secrets that I couldn’t find before. (The book isn’t very clear and I would stop working out of frustration.) But now the page looks like the idea I had in my head and it looks good, or so I think.

I took my new found mastery of the program and immediately made a template so that no matter what I do, all my pages look similar.

When I pulled the screen up in Firefox and IE and it looked the same it was a happy moment in my life.

That being said I hope that Saturday I can get the new front page of the site up. I also hope to get the new

I decided that I would put the rough page up and have some functionality NOW versus waiting, I’m terribly impatient when it comes to these thins. When viewing it please realize it’s a first draft I’m waiting on getting the buttons and a few other custom elements. But go ahead take a look and let me know what you think. Please let me know if there are ay broken links or anything that is working funky.