Yesterday I received a little piece of cardstock in the mail, measuring about 3×7 inches, printed in green and black. It’s my Sales and Use tax registration. This means that I can now get my Moleskines for the website as well as a few other items. I’m going to frame it up and hang it over my cabinet in the basement. Well it’s all legal now.

So if you buy one of my journals and live in the grand state of Massachusetts I will be collecting 5% sales tax which I will then turn around and send to the state.

I have tomorrow off but a New YEar’s eve party have to attend, but before hand I’ll be in the studio for the day, now that he family has come and gone and the holidays are f the most part over (Valentine’s fast approaches) I plan on spending a large amount time in the studio. What can you expect from the long hours spent in the studio- more books, a website that functions a little better, moleskine’s ASAP, some more YouTube action and more books.