It’s been so long since I posted a lengthy post that I almost forgot about this little gem of information!

Almost a year ago purchased a book press on ebay, it was not cheap but it wasn’t expensive either. I purchased it thinking my Dad could make me one that was a little heavier duty that the one purchased. While the one I purchased worked well enough I knew it could use a few improvements. So I gave it to my Dad to figure out. Since then I’ve been dealing with out, quite a pain in the arse if you ask me. However on their recent visit to my new home my Dad brought with him, my old book press, still in barely used (twice!) condition and a brand new book press, only this one is super duty.

My Father and Brother took the old one and reverse engineered it to figure out areas of weakness and spots to improve it, with a little help from me (3rd support brace on base and smoother details) they figured out a solid and easy to use design. I can crank it down 3 cranks more than the original and it’s a lot smoother to use, the action on the crank is smooth and the hardwood top brace is tough. They hid some stainless steel supports in the wood so that the upright and the base will never separate. I can wait to put it through it’s paces with some hedgehogs next week.

I’ll be posting some pictures tonight of the fabulous little press.

I also convinced him to make a few extras, so I’ll be offering them for sale on the website and ebay. I’ll also be selling off the original press on eBay as well.

So, pictures of it tonight!