it’s falling down around my ears!!!

I thought that I had an easy fix on my hands when the pipe below the sink became dislodged and water leaked all over the place. I took a look at it and thought that it would be a quick and simple repair.

That night I hooked it all back up in 10 minutes or so. There didn’t seem to be any more water coming form the pipe under the sink. So I put the heater under the sink and let it dry out the very saturated bottom of the cabinet. The next morning I got up made my coffee, only when I rinsed the pot I heard a familiar dripping of water that wasn’t inside the pipes, looking below my sink I saw water dripping along the bottom of the pipe I had reconnected the night before. Cursing my lack of skill with a monkey wrench I got myself under the cabinet. Only to find that the leak was not from the pipe I had reconnect my sub-par monkey wrench skills had bee enough to tighten the pipe and connectors. What my skills with a wrench could not fix was the ancient copper tube under the sink that had corroded over time to become a very effective sieve.

When I pulled the pipe from under the cabinet I was met with a great deal of corrosion, and a nasty white sludge that had probably kept the leak slow over the past few years, and of course the last year and a half of this house’s existence was unoccupied so that sludge was probably hardened into a cement.

I then drove my butt to Home Depot purchased the wrong items for repair came home screwed up the repair. Royally ticked myself off and then drove back to home depot bought the proper tools and items for repair. When I came home with the right stuff the repair took me all of 20 minutes, including clean up time.

Obviously this took the majority of my day off to accomplish.

I didn’t get to spend much time in the studio at all. I did have just enough time to tear down 3 books worth of Stonehenge paper in 3 colors and stitch them up into book block which are resting in the press until I get home from work. Tonight they will get glued into blocks and then hopefully the next day end up in book form.

I also have finished the final format for a book I’ve been working on for 2 months now. While I was under the sink I gave the book a lot of thought, it’s funny how some around the house items are pretty mindless and I can think of other things. Although an overriding thought during my stay under the sink was that I really hope that nothing else goes wrong with the plumbing ‘cause I really hate it, really hate it. I also thought a lot about how the house is structurally sound but little things like pipes falling apart and the toilet running are probably going to happen a lot over the next few years.