the new job

I didn’t get to announce the great news! The job that I mentioned below that I was interviewing for on Monday I was offered and accepted.

What does this mean in terms of the studio? Well I won’t be so darn tired after I get out of work. (I hope anyway.) While the new position is with the same company it is a less physically demanding job and should leave me with enough energy after work that I can have time and be awake long enough to work in the studio. It also means that I can work a regular schedule, essentially 6 to 2:30 every day and I should (hopefully) have my weekends off and I’ll have 2 days off in a row, which never happens now. Basically I’m hoping this job will leave me with more time to work on studio related things and will leave me with more energy.

This position is physically further away but due to where and how I’ll be driving I’ll really only be on the road an additional 15 minutes. I almost forgot to mention that I’ll be starting the weekend after valentines day.

Sorry for the text-laden posts these last few days but I swear I’ll get to some nice pictures ASAP.