that’s the plan stan

Holy Moly what a week! So I accepted my new position and my current boss went into panic mode. So I’ve been working like crazy these last few days. I’ve needed to have several meetings about what I do (buy flowers) and how I do it (practice makes perfect). That being said my boss’s nervousness made me a little nervous. So in addition to all that I currently do I had to spend a lit of time writing things down and thinking actively about what I do and recording it for the people who will be filling in while they hire for someone else.

So obviously I’ve been pretty darn tired when I get home.

So this week bookbinding has been on the back burner. Today however is another story, I’ll bin the studio all day. Or that’s the plan!

I have planned:

Cutting the spine into the cover of a very complex special order.

Gluing up 3 hedgehogs with Stonehenge paper.

Taking pictures of the hedgehog process.

Among several other things. I’m hoping to cut several covers today too.

Yesterday several half hides arrived, one jet black super smooth cowhide and another brown marbled finish. They are awesome hides. I can’t wait to cut some covers from them and see how they look. Normally I’m not a fan of cowhide, but I’ve started to like it for a few redeeming qualities, mainly it’s superior stiffness.