REcycled Sign Vinyl

I used to read a lot of online blogs and reports on recycling before I became bored with them. One of the things that a major recycling blog complained was that sign vinyl is overdone and too often recycled/reused to make bags or other items. (This is a bit of a rant so move down if you don’t want to read it.) I clearly disagree. I’m pretty passionate when it come to recycling. I love the fact that I work for a company that sends it’s vinyl signs back to a place for making into totes. I think that’s pretty cool.

Let’s face it sign vinyl is pretty terrible stuff for the environment, there’s a reason it’s the materials of choice for signs for the outdoors- this s*&t never breaks down. Where I work has signs from 10 years ago in the attic and its dirty but in good condition(the signs get used every spring.). IN landfills this stuff will be there forever. And let’s not talk about what this crap DOES break down into when it does disintegrate, toxic nasty materials.

All of that is great reasons to use it to make bags (Think freitag) and also the covers of journals. The stuff stitches like fabric, and is easy to work with. It’s heavy but light enough to comparable to nylon canvas. In other word this stuff is STURDY. I’m happy to give it a second life rather than send it to the landfill. I think more people should be encouraged to use this readily available material.

Rant OVer.

The covers are made from sign vinyl. In this case these are cut from a sign that was advertising nuts, so there is some lettering and a few little cartoons of a variety of nuts. The coloring is a chocolate brown. There are a variety of sized of these items. One set is 3.5X5.5 inches and 40 pages. The other set if 5.5×6 inches also 40 pages but with the addition of a hot pink recycled end sheet. These are all available on my etsy shop here.