Recycled Fleshy Ads

I call these the fleshy ads. They come form some of the same advertising posters are the other jotters, the only difference is that some of these have flesh tones and not necessarily words. Some do and others don’t. I ove the variability of some of the advertising posters. I also like how durable the paper is. It’s made to withstand some abuse in the stores so it’s very tough. I haven’t had to put one to the test yet but I’m willing to bet that they will outlast some of the other paper covers.

These like the other recycled jotters come in a set of 3. Each notebook has 40 pages of neehan paper, printed on every other papge with light green bands and the words “team member’s favorites.” They are individually machine stitched and hand trimmed.

They are available on etsy here.