Recycled AdWords Jotters

These jotters are 98% recycled. These covers are from advertising posters that hang inside a store. The paper is a very heavy stiff cardstock, probably 110lb printed on and then laminated on each side with a thin coat of vinyl. This makes the covers stiff and strong.

I then stack 10 sheets of 24lb recycled paper, neehan paper, of white and speckled in color a very pale tan. A good sturdy paper, that has been printed on in green ink to have a light band of green and some text and a logo. I was able to trim the logo off but the text remains, it says “Team Member Favorites.”

This set of Jotters have the words from the ads as the covers. As such this can never be reproduced. Each one is individual. I think that the letters make interesting and abstract images. I made a huge stack of these for myself. I also made a lot of these for etsy. You can find them here on my etsy page!