Week 2

As many of you know I’ve changed jobs. I stayed with the company that I’ve been with for the last 4 years and switched to a position that is more in keeping with my interests as well as my temperament. I won’t go into it too much here, but let’s say that I’m a lot happier after a week of the new job.

ONe of the main reasons that I went for it is the regular schedule. IF this weekend is any example, after a brief nap I’ll have very productive days working in the studio- I made 50 assorted notebooks and journals. (Swan a stack of yours are on that list.) That’s a lot of work for a weekend and it pleases me greatly to know that I’ll be able to reproduce that effort on most weekends.

Hopefully the upcoming weeks will leave me a little less exhausted than this week did. IT was the first week and all!