Another interesting item that I had my brother and father recreate/make for me is my version of the sewing cradle. For ages I worked with a cardboard cradle that I made after the pictures I saw on Volcano arts. It worked great. Then I decided I wanted something a little more stiff and permanent, so I designed and tried to make one out of wood, well my efforts with wood were crude at best but served to make a functional but ugly sewing cradle.

So when I went to Maine I took wit me my sewing cradle. Explained my original concept to my brother who said “Oh Yeah we can do that you just use this tool. What do you mean you tried to use the router to do that?” At which point my father said “Your lucky you didn’t hurt yourself.”

The result is a fantastic light weight 100% pine handmade sewing cradle. I put my nerw cradle through it’s paces yesterday with the punching of 8 hedgehog blocks, and it ruled. IT sat flat on my table top and was stiff, allowing me to pucnh through more signatures at once than my old cradle. I’ll post some pictures of it tonight.