Signs signs signs everywhere is signs

These pictures are an example of the recycled journals that I made with old vinyl signs and vinyl coated paper signs. The cover is vinyl and the pockets inside are the coated paper signs. The pockets formed by sewing the coated paper signs stiffen the covers a lot which is needed since the vinyl is quite soft and flexible.

One of the things I noticed when I cut the signs is that inside the signs to strengthen them there are fibers, thin strands of thread. I also notice they become more prevalent as I’ve been ising one of these signs notebooks at work. Use of the book frays more of the thread from within the covers. I’ve hit them with a lighter to melt the threads back into the cover itself, and that seems to do the trick.

These are filled with 24lb Xerox brand paper in ivory. Which looks more like a very light tan to me. Each book has 4 signatures of 10 sheets for a total of 160 pages.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.