The offical Count

As I’m sure many of you know the Northeast was hammered with a Nor’ Easter last night. In my area, coastal northern Massachusetts was dumped on with about a foot of snow, white hell as I call it. Before it switched over to rain I went outside and shoveled. I’m glad we decided to do that, because the same height of snow is out there now but I can see the water seeping out into the shoveled areas, and that means it’s going to be damn heavy. I’m not sure what the offical count for the snow is but I dare say we got about a foot of it.

I’m about to go out and further scape the white crap from my driveway and end of the driveway before it freezes into a dirty gray hump.

Because of the snow and rain last night we stayed in, turned up the heat, watched Casino Royale and I made some books. (Side note, CR was the darkest grittiest Bond movie yet and I loved it. I agree with much of the critics that Craig was an excellent bond, that the darkness finally matches the tone of the books and this was a great bond film. I did miss Q though.)

I played around with making the recycled covers with pockets. I made a few of them and they came out quite well, I’m pretty happy with it. I also worked on the sewing machine and have it set to work properly. I need to find a good website that explains everything there is to know about sewing machines.

I’ll take some pictures when I’m done shoveling.