simple and effective.

The picture below is of my sewing awls. Essentially I took a large dowel- broom handle sized cut it to my hand size plus an inch. so they were about 5.5 inches long when I started. I then put a drum sander, 90 grit, into the drill press and set it to a medium rotation. I rotated the dowel and sanded one end down to create a taper. I also rounded over the other end. I also added some additional divots to make it feel nicer in my hand. I rubbed it down with some fine sandpaper to eliminate any splinters that the drum sander may have left.

Then I used a drill bit slightly larger than my needle and bore a hole into the tapered end of the handle. I filled the hole with 2 part epoxy and set my needle into the epoxy. I bore the hole so that it would leave about an inch of my needle exposed. The head of the needle is in the epoxy. I then made sure my needle was straight and let it set over night.

I trimmed off any excess glue with a razor and polished my needle after sharpening it on a diamond stone. I didn’t finish the handle mainly because I wanted to use it right away but also because I like the patina wood gets after you’ve handled it. I also knew that when I use my awl my hand is usually covered in bee’s wax which also give wood s nice glow. Simple and effective.