I recently noticed that my pictures are blurry… I couldn’t figure out why and then I took a look at the settings on my camera and realized it’s set to take pictures at the smallest setting, which means that after I crop my pics they are too small to fill the image space on etsy and even ebay, so they get blurry. Of course the light in all areas of the new house is nust not as nice as the light in the apartment. That place juts had the perfect light for photography. I’m afraid that I might have to purchase special lights to get good pics, of course if I would stay in one place and shoot jut there it would be helped greatly too.

I’m putting a leather journal up on eBay as well as a set of jotters an I might put another large recycled journal up there as well.

The couple of journals that I plan on putting up on eBay I’ve already taken pictures of them, but I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve looked on my photo bucket account, all through my computer etc and they are no where to be found. I’m worried they were on the OTHER computer before I wiped it out. Sigh, I didn’t want to re-shoot them as I wrote above about the blur situation…I guess we’ll see what happens!