future planning

So next week I plan on reintroducing myself to eBay. I’ve got a few smaller journals and a few sets of jotters to auction off, as well as a few other items. Sunday I’ll post the listings and they’ll be active for a week, as per usual.

I spoke with my brother about making me new buttons, he sounds a lot happier now that he’s got a job and new friends who have similar interests. He’s got some plans for a web comic, and once he gets it set up I’ll post some links, even though its not the sort of things I’m interested in, he is my brother.

So I’ve firmed up about 50% of the “new” website and now I just need to wait on the buttons from my brother. Or course I also need to think about what I want for buttons and how I want to present the new set up. But all the old pages are down already and the new set up is starting to emerge from the ashes. I’m pretty excited.

I’ve also been making books again. A few hedgehogs, some jotters and getting paper ready for other endeavors. I also printed out my own copy of Walden, which I found at B&N for $8, minus my 10% discount…. Grgh. My copy will be an heirloom. I also found a copy of The Jungle for less than $10! (Given my recent reading of The Ominivore’s Dilemma it’s right in line with my reading interests right now.) However I’m going tolook online and see if I can get a copy used.