jotters and graph paper

I’ve got a load of pictures to take and upload things to eBay and etsy. I’ve made and have bunched up a load of Jotters. Some are 100% recycled, some have Wausau paper and lastly some have graph paper. I found some graph paper in pads and I’m Cutting the glue off and using the paper.

About the graph paper, It’s not as easy to work with as other papers. It has a very soft feel too it, if that makes sense. A stack of 15 sheets is less stiff than most paper. Because it is soft feeling I’m able to put more pages into a jotter and most likely into a hedgehog as well. So these graph paper jotters have 60 pages. While sewing I also found the paper to be more slick that other paper, meaning that while I was working with it I could feel it shifting around. Knowing if I left it as is it would give me big problems on the sewing machine I used extra clamps to hold it in place while sewing and went very slowly. I only messed up one but even that one is good enough for me to use. So I’ll have some graph paper jotters up on etsy by the end of the day.

Because of the difficulty of making them and the expense of the paper I won’t be making a ton of them, I think anyway. I do like them, so I guess I have to weight out my option. Price wise they are a lot more expensive for me to make than a regular jotter of the same size. I guess we’ll see.