New Jotters and Recycled journals

I made a bunch of new jotters and I’ve loaded a bunch of them up to ebay and etsy, find links below. I finally found a moderately priced pack of gridded paper, well, I suppose it moderately priced, as compared to other graph paper. 5 lines per inch instead of the overly large 4 lines per inch. I’ve got 2 packages up on eBay now and 1 on etsy.

Lined Sign Vinyl Journal on etsy.

Unlined Sign Vinyl Journal on etsy.

JOtters 100% recycled set 1.

Jotters 100% recycled set 2:

Jotter Wausau Paper Inside.

Jotter Recycled Graph Paper eBay.

Jotter Recycled Graph Paper 2 notebook Set.