Just a quick note from my DayJob! The last few nights have been a whirlwind of working on a new ‘zine. I realized after reading my post about marketing that I should write up what I know in an article and post it. After a few days of writing it and editing what I wrote and then realizing that it needed to have more added I decided to create a new ‘zine. I have no idea what I’m going to call it. I suspect that I’ll be done with the writing and editing in a month or so. The focus is Blog and Art marketing online. Thus far I have 21 half sized pages and I’m thinking I’m going to get to 30 or 40.

There will be 1 to 200 copies of the “first edition” and subsequent versions will simply be new editions with added and updated info.. I’m thinking about pricing so after it’s all finished I’ll print off a few copies and then price them out.

I’m looking at making this a hands on and useful book/’zine for someone starting out or who has been around for awhile. Unlike some of the books and blogs I’ve read on marketing this will be real tangible advice on marketing and promoting your art or blog.

I’m really enjoying this project as it’s taking some of my already written marketing plan and applying it to what other people can do easily to up their hit count as well as recommending useful resources for the artist.