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I suppose many pf you are looking for a book press for yourselves. My brother makes them in limited quantities, but he takes awhile to complete them if you can’t wait, heres another version and it’s on sale and by sale they mean they are taking pre-orders with their current price locked in, which means that as of January 1 their prices will be going up.. Read the below email closely head tot he website and check them out. IF your  interested you must email the person listed in the email. These preses come highly recommended on the BookBinding list serv. PS sells these mainly for paper making but bookbinders being a crafty lot decided they could easily be adapted for books!

Subject: Arnold Grummer’s Annual Bookbinding Press Sale

[I have worked with and have several of these presses and feel that they are
a great value in terms of usefulness for bookbinding, quality of
workmanship, and money. The large one is especially recommended as it offers
more flexiblity. Peter Verheyen]

Arnold Grummer’s Annual Press Sale

Arnold Grummer’s is out of presses! Reserve a press today and save!

Take advantage of annual press sale savings and beat the ’08 price increase:
Reserve a press today.

Call 800-453-1485 or email your name, contact info (address and phone
number) and the press you’d like to reserve (Standard or Large) to

No payment now! Pay by check or credit card when your press is ready to ship
in January. PO’s welcome.

Don’t miss out – reserve your press today!

400 Standard Book Press
Platen measures 10 x 12. Baltic birch, maintenance free, fully assembled.
’07 List  $245, ’08 List  $275
Press Sale: $219.00

402 Large Book Press
Platen measures 11.5 inches by 14.5 inches. Baltic birch, fully assembled,
maintenance free.
’07 List $299, ’08 List $315
Press Sale: $249.00

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